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"look well, feel well, be well withmassage"

"look well, feel well, be well withmassage" Healing Massage, Relaxation Massage, Sensual & Loving Massage for Him & Her


Benefits of Blackpool Massage Therapy

There has been exhaustive study on the many health benefits of therapeutic massage therapy. From once a considered alternative healing remedy in the Western world, massage therapy today is widely respected, having many applications in Western medicine and health institutions. Many variations of massage therapy are performed in holistic medicine settings and are often used in mainstream scientific medicine to support healing of many physical and emotional conditions.

At Blackpool Massage Services & Boutique Blackpool Day Spa, the most common reason customers book our massage services is for relaxation and stress release. To be in a stressed state is to feel mentally pressured or emotionally upset and disturbed. It is a negative reaction in response to fear, worry, loss, a negative event or any other adverse influences and pressures. Many people suffering from stress often claim they feel as if they have no or very little control or feel vulnerable. Chronic stress can be very debilitating, making us feel anxious, nervous, worried and afraid. Some people are more susceptible and suffer more from stress and stress disorders then others. However, prolonged stress can lead to many negative physical and psychological health consequences and risks.

Here at Blackpool Massage Services & Boutique Blackpool Day Spa, during your free consultation we will design a Stress Buster massage therapy and very relaxing, body soothing Jacuzzi bath treatment. Many people claim relaxing massage therapy to be more effective than many natural relaxation and meditation techniques. Most doctors and health professionals will recommend stressed patients try massage and meditation techniques before prescribing drug treatments. Natural stress management techniques are always recommended and preferred as first line therapies directed towards stress related conditions.

Relieves Stress

In very simply terms, our emotional state, our mood and outlook is very much related to our mental state of mind. Mind and body are very closely connected. When events or circumstances affect our peace of mind it soon leads to negative physical reactions. Common reactions can be teeth or hand clenching, tensed muscles, high blood pressure, headaches, depression and fatigue. Massage therapy has been proven to be very effected in counteracting many stress related symptoms. A massage therapy session at Blackpool Massage Services & Boutique Blackpool Day Spa can be very effective in improving mood, emotional state and having a very calming and healing effect on both mind and body.

Relieves Pain

Medical research has proven that massage therapy can afford effective pain relief, even successfully replacing drug therapy in many clinical observations. Non-drug remedies are always preferable, as natural cures bypass risk of possible drug side effects and contraindications. Massage therapy is very effective in stimulating the release of endorphins, the body's feel-good hormones. So, not only is this reason a massage feels so good, it's also why it's often a very effective and natural therapy to relieve pain, no matter what the cause.

Improves Circulation

Massage therapy is very a very effective natural method to improve the circulation of blood around the body. Better circulation means oxygen and nutrient rich blood reaches muscles and tissue cells faster, with more efficient waste product removal, leading to better healing generally and much faster muscle repair for worked muscles. Massage sessions can make you look healthy too, as improved circulation promotes clearer, softer, healthier looking skin from better skin nourishment. Skin cells benefit greatly from the improved circulation and increased oxygen and nutrients made available.

 "look well, feel well, be well withmassage"

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