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"look well, feel well, be well withmassage"

Bali Tantra & Bali Tantric Massage
"look well, feel well, be well withmassage" Healing Massage, Relaxation Massage, Sensual & Loving Massage for Him & Her


Bali Tantra Massage & Bali Tantric Massage Parlour Spa & Bali Hotel Tantric Massage Service for Him & Her

Bali Tantra Tantric Sensual Massage Therapy For Him & Her

While the modern day interpretation of this old healing technique often seems to be lost in translation.Bali Tantra Tantric massage therapy is an ancient healing massage originating from India and developed many centuries ago. It was and is an art form formulated to release the body’s natural energies and tensions to heal the effects of physical and emotional trauma.

A Bali Tantra Tantric Massage is a sensual full body massage. It is based on the belief that sensual massage therapy can induce physical pleasing through the release of endorphins and other feel-good hormones, creating such a sense of well-being that leads to inner peace and healthier individuals. A Bali Tantra Tantric Massage at Bali Massage Parlour Spa & Bali Hotel Tantra Massage Service is designed to arouse deep sensual feelings and a very pleasurable Bali massage experience achieved through skilful touch, gentle massage and aromatherapy.

The ultimate aim of a Bali Tantra Tantric Massage therapy is to encourage emotional, physical, spiritual awakening and to teach us to love and except ourselves fully. It is a lesson in the surrender of our constant agenda driven behavior and our desire to control, so as to allow our body to fully receive the vital nourishment of the loving, healing touch from another, that we all so very much crave and need.

At Bali Massage Services & Boutique Day Spa our Tantra Tantric Sensual Massage treatment is a Sensual Massage Only, Nonsexual therapy for both Men & Women (some say better then sex)

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