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Bali Foot Massage Therapy
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Bali Foot Massage Therapy (Reflexology)

Our feet are seldom shown the respect they deserve for the amazing amount of hard work they do for us each day. Ancient Egypt and China believed that foot massage could ensure or restore good health. Today, foot reflexology is becoming an increasingly popular alternative health therapy. In Bali foot reflexology is one of the most popular massage therapies. Foot massage or reflexology is a mix of art and science based on the belief that the practice of massaging, stimulating and applying pressure to points and reflexes within the feet can help and encourage the self healing process of ailments in other areas of the body, as different points of the foot correspond to organs and other body systems. This is believed to be achieved as the therapist stimulates zones on the feet, energy channels that exist throughout the body are reactivated that restore good health and organ functions.

Come and enjoy a Foot Massage at Bali Massage Services & Boutique Bali Day Spa and your soon understand that they are also incredibly relaxing too. Reflexology is an ancient traditional Chinese health remedy practiced for centuries and designed to clear energy pathways and congestion of the nervous system throughout the body, that if untreated can lead to pain and sickness. This foot massage treatment aims to boost the immune system and heal the whole body and improve general health. While most people who visit Bali Massage Services & Boutique Bali Day Spa for a foot massage are seeking relaxation and stress relief, It's true that many people claim that their foot reflexology treatments are effective in treating or reducing symptoms of foot conditions related to diabetes, colds, flu, chronic headaches, back pain, certain stress disorders, anxiety and can increase energy levels and much more.

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