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"look well, feel well, be well withmassage"

Bali Loving Hands Massage Therapy
"look well, feel well, be well withmassage" Healing Massage, Relaxation Massage, Sensual & Loving Massage for Him & Her


Bali Massage Parlour Spa Services or Bali hotel Service for Him & Her

Bali Exotic Loving Hands Sensual Full Body Massage Therapy

While all other massage therapies available at Bali Massage Services & Boutique Bali Day Spa are designed to effect more therapeutic healing of mind and body. Our Exotic Ancient Polynesian Lomi Lomi Sensual Massage (or Hawaiian Loving Hands Massage), is focused more on nurturing, sensual pleasure and sensual awakening. The Lomi Lomi Massage therapy aims to release and shift body tensions to energise and encourage a sense of harmony (or Lomi Lomi Paradise). This traditional Hawaiian massage is well suited for such purpose, with gentle, fluid, rhythmic full body slow continuous stokes, body embracing movements and more body to body massaging techniques with a loving touch.

The famed Hawaiian Loving Hands Massage or LomI Lomi Massage therapy is deep rooted in Hawaiian philosophy called Huna. A simplistic assumption of Huna philosophy is 'Everything Seeks Harmony & Everything Seeks Love'. The Lomi Lomi Massage is the belief that 'Loving Hands' can achieve Health & Harmony through massage.

The Lomi Lomi or Loving Hands massage is a perfect fit to the fundamental core belief here at Bali Massage Services & Boutique Bali Day Spa, where we believe 'Everyone Needs the Touch of another Human Being' and that TOUCH through MASSAGE is very comforting, satisfying and healing emotionally and physically. Here at Bali Massage Services & Boutique Bali Day Spa our fundamental philosophy is 'To Love and Nurture Our Customer's Bodies as if our own', Through Loving Touch from Heart & Hands.

Our Exotic Lomi Lomi Sensual Massage or Loving Hands Massage at Bali Massage Services & Boutique Bali Day Spa will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed, nurtured, loved and pampered from head to toe, ready to face the world again with a new found spring in your step and joy in your heart.

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