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"look well, feel well, be well withmassage" Healing Massage, Relaxation Massage, Sensual & Loving Massage for Him & Her


Weight Loss (and why Bali massage is better than chocolate)

The Bali massage treatments available at Best Bali Massage Services & Boutique Bali Day Spa, can indeed help improve weight loss results when incorporated into a smart weight loss program. Massage therapy can help you lose weight due to a number of direct and indirect ways, both mentally and physically.

Being overweight is often associated with emotional issues. When we are feeling unhappy how many of us reach for a chocolate bar, hence the term Comfort Food. However, there are more feel-good hormones (the non-fat kind) to enjoy from an hour of massage therapy than what’s in a chocolate bar.

Bali Massage therapy is a very powerful way to get our mind and body back in harmony. How many times have we heard the phrase, To Love Yourself! Being overweight due to overeating and many other self harming activates can be directly related to feelings of unhappiness. Massage and the high sense of well-being that comes from a good Bali massage can help us to Love, Respect and Care for ourselves more. We are much less likely to engage in unhealthy lifestyle choices if we can learn to love and respect ourselves more.

Touch through Bali massage is very empowering and comforting for anyone suffering from depression or feelings of unhappiness. Let us put aside the very powerful physical health benefits of massage therapy, to focus on the very positive emotional benefits. We all go through times of loneliness, sadness and anxiety. Sadly, those of us whom are overweight or having negative body image issues can find we are becoming less social and this may in turn even isolate us from family and friends. Touch through massage is very healing emotionally, it tells us we are not alone, it makes us feel safe, supported and at peace.

Just as none of us are perfect, there is also no perfect body shape. To except this truth is the first step to learning to Love and Respect ourselves. To believe the popular media and their version of the so-called perfect body image and to buy into the fad diets that promise us we can have the body in those photo-shopped images, is just another sure way to disappoint us and lead us back into the cycle of bad habits that harm us. We all have amazing unique qualities and attributes (we just sometimes forget that along the way). Touch through massage will remind you of yours.

The perfect YOU will only be achieved when you LOVE & RESPECT yourself enough to allow you to break out of harmful bad habits. TOUCH through MASSAGE is a perfect way to help you on your path to achieve the perfect YOU. The Bali massage therapies we offer at Best Bali Massage Services & Boutique Bali Day Spa will improve yourself esteem and start in motion a whole series of physiological chemical reactions that will HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT TOO (and help you love the most important person you have).

Bali massage makes us feel great and feeling great is very additive. Most of us could all lose some weight and improve our fitness level and by doing so we would feel even better. Massage therapy sessions at Bali Massage Services & Boutique Bali Day Spa can directly influence your ability to LOSE WEIGHT, if part of a credible weight loss plan.

Just as exercise alone is unlikely to yield much in the way of weight loss, the type of diet we eat is also a very important factor. However, when Diet, Exercise and Massage are used correctly weight loss will occur and it may not be as hard as you think (keep reading).

Exercise: This very word can incite FEAR in those of us that have never exercised. However, like most fears of the unknown, they are often unfounded. While you can lose weight by diet alone, it’s much harder work and takes the kind of will-power most of us don’t have.

The good news, you can greatly improve your weight loss effects with mild exercise. This could be a walk on one of Bali's great beaches.. The point is unless you plan on entering the next UKBFF Bodybuilding Competition, any effort that you make to exercise; even mild exercise will dramatically improve your weight loss results.

Diet: I don’t even like the word; it brings instant images of feeling hungry and miserable. The good news, don’t think diet, think better food choices. Let’s not kid ourselves, if you are into big daily fry-ups, addicted to soda, sweets, deserts and breakfast cereals loaded with sugar then this may be harder for you. However, with some smart choices and adjustments your weight loss adventure could be a breeze.

Tips: Reduce or cut out all fast-foods (Pizza, Burgers and Fried Chicken). If you must eat fried foods use Olive or Coconut oil. Reduce sugar and salt intake. Consume more proteins (Chicken, Fish, Lean Meats, Eggs and Milk). Eat fewer carbohydrates (Bread, Pasta, and Cereals) and more Fruit, Vegetables and healthy fats, like Nuts, Salmon, Avocados, Olive and Coconut oils.

Eat 2-3 well balanced meals each day (Don’t Snack). Eating more proteins will make you feel less hungry. If you must snack, snack on nuts, fruits and boiled eggs. Try to eat your last meal as early as possible. Do not eat past 7pm. Going to bed on a full stomach is a sure way to put on weight and leads to a whole string of health risks. Eat a late breakfast or better still skip breakfast and let lunch or brunch be your first meal. Intermittent fasting (IF), where you don’t consume anything but water or tea (no milk) has been proven very effective in aiding weight loss and to increase human growth hormone and to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. These benefits start to be enjoyed by not eating for as little as 14 hours (Start the clock from your last meal of the day).

If you need a cheat-meal then treat yourself to whatever it is you crave after 6 days of eating healthy or better yet come for a massage here at Bali Massage Services & Bali Day Spa (its better then chocolate).

 "look well, feel well, be well withmassage"


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