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"look well, feel well, be well withmassage"

"look well, feel well, be well withmassage" Healing Massage, Relaxation Massage, Sensual & Loving Massage for Him & Her


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Best Bali Massage Parlour & Boutique Bali Day Spa Philosophy is: 'Love, Happiness and Health from Touch through Massage'. Here at Bali Massage Services & Boutique Bali Spa we believe that we all deeply need and crave the touch of another human being. To simply hold someone’s hand can lift their spirit, encourage, comfort, support and improve their emotional state of mind. Men shake hands or slaps each other on the back as a reward to congratulate, show support or convey respect. If a hand-shake, slap on the back and holding hands can do so much to support positive emotional support, how much more are the rewards of touch through massage therapy.

While the opposite can be said for Bali and many Asian cultures, in the Western world ''touch'' is much more uncommon and used much less in communication and social contact. The importance of touch in human health and well-being is very much undervalued in Western society. Yet, the calming, reassuring touch we craved from our mother remains with us throughout life and is just as important for emotional health and well-being. Touch from another person can affect us deeply and in a very positive way.

During times of stress, sadness or loneliness, touch from a kind heart can be very comforting, supportive and empowering. The therapeutic massage services available at Best Bali Massage Services & Boutique Bali Day Spa, can deliver many of the many positive emotional and physical benefits that can be achieved through human touch and physical contact.

The importance of touch and human contact begins at birth. Newborns are often touched naturally and regularly by their mothers and other family members. Many clinical studies have already shown that newborns that were denied regular human contact gained less weight and exhibited slower development. The opposite was shown in babies that received regular touch and physical contact; they gained weight faster and developed in accordance with healthy guidelines.

Health professionals, nurses and caregivers have often noted that touch massage can yield remarkable results in calming and relaxing those in their care, even over that of sedative drug therapy. Many patients have reported that their touch massage sessions were highly effective in easing their pain and anxiety. Florence Nightingale recommended that patients be massaged in the late 1800s, to treat such conditions as exhaustion, insomnia, stress and constipation. Touch massage today is a relevant and valuable natural, safe therapy for care-giving therapeutic intervention.

It is due to our fundamental belief in the importance of the human touch for health and well-being that we developed our range of healing massage therapies and therapeutic body treatments. We believe that the bodywork massage modalities we serve at Bali Massage Services & Boutique Bali Day Spa can significantly improve the physical and emotional health of our customers.

 "look well, feel well, be well withmassage"

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